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Tasmanian Pure Vodka's Origins: 30 Million Years of Craft™.

Tasmania is famous for its rainforest wilderness and is as far from the centers of global population and pollution as possible, without actually stepping foot on Antarctica. As a result, the island of Tasmania is sparkling clean, offering crisp, fresh air and untainted water, aided by its serene isolation and the protection of the Great South Ocean that surrounds it.
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Tasmania is known for its rainforest wilderness, which is isolated from the population and pollution that is common in other parts of the world. It is also gingerly surrounded by the Great South Ocean — all factors that result in crisp, fresh air and untainted water.

Aiding to its overall purity, all of the electricity on the island is generated by renewable sources, namely hydro generation.

TPV™’s water is directly sourced from the Mole Creek Limestone Spring. Declared a ‘World Heritage Listed Area’, The Mole Creek Karst National Park is recognized as having some of Tasmania’s and the world's finest limestone caves.

The purest of air and rain, originating in Antarctica and arriving in Tasmania from the “Roaring Forties” westerly jet stream, falls on the ancient mountain range and forges true ‘wilderness’ water.​


TPV is proud to be a corporate sponsor and member
of Rainforest Trust's Conservation Circle.​

Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ has landed
in the United States.

Experience vodka in its purest, most natural form.


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