Pure Air.
Pure Water.
Pure Vodka.

Tasmanian Pure Vodka's Origins: 30 Million Years of Craft™.

Tasmania is famous for its rainforest wilderness and is as far from the centers of global population and pollution as possible, without actually stepping foot on Antarctica. As a result, the island of Tasmania is sparkling clean, offering crisp, fresh air and untainted water, aided by its serene isolation and the protection of the Great South Ocean that surrounds it.
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TPV is proud to be a corporate sponsor and member
of Rainforest Trust's Conservation Circle.​

A portion of all Tasmanian Pure Vodka's proceeds
are donated to Rainforest Trust.


At TPV,™ we set out to make a better, more pure vodka by building on the vodka makers before us. If our predecessors are proof that it takes hard work and the right ingredients to make good vodka, then each bottle of TPV is proof that we made a better one.

We know what a vodka should be: approachable by design in taste and price and made with the purest of ingredients so you can feel good drinking it.

Every bottle has our formula #001959 printed on the label, meaning that with every drink, you’re enjoying the light, airy taste of handcrafted vodka from the purest water on earth. We did the work to make sure that our label says what it means—our vodka is pure. Every ingredient in TPV is scientifically proven to be pure. No “marketing,” just hard proof.

We know we made a damn-good vodka. It’s on the label. It’s in our process. It’s in the taste. The proof is there. Taste it for yourself and prove that you too know great vodka.​​


Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ has landed
in the United States.

Experience vodka in its purest, most natural form.


Must be aged 21+


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