Our Water


Tasmanian Pure Vodka's Origins: 30 Million Years of Craft™.

Tasmania is famous for its rainforest wilderness and is as far from the centers of global population and pollution as possible, without actually stepping foot on Antarctica. As a result, the island of Tasmania is sparkling clean, offering crisp, fresh air and untainted water, aided by its serene isolation and the protection of the Great South Ocean that surrounds it. All electricity on the island is generated by renewable energy sources, namely hydro-generation. There are no coal fired power plants on the island and certainly no nuclear power plants; a PURE, pristine nirvana.

Our water originates from the exotic and naturally surreal Cradle Mountain Rainforest

Following its cascading journey through the famous Liffey Falls, a World Heritage listed area, we extract our core natural ingredient from the Limestone Spring at Mole Creek. At this very point, our water has travelled over thirty miles through limestone cave springs to reach its final destination and point of extraction.

Declared a World Heritage Listed Area in 1996, The Mole Creek Karst National Park is recognized as possessing some of Tasmania’s finest cave systems in the state. The Mole Creek caves have a long, complex history and the network is extensive. The limestone in which the caves have developed began forming in the Ordovician Period which was 400 – 500 million years ago.


Rainfall is the basis for our water.

The evolution and crafting of the caves in the Mole Creek area began as Australia broke away from Antarctica. Glaciers developed in Antarctica and the Tasmanian Mountains. As a result, glacial sediments were deposited in the current cave network some 30 Million Years ago — hence our 30 Million Years of Craft™.

The rainfall that is the basis for our water reaches the coast of Tasmania propelled by the famed “Roaring Forties” wind currents that blow uninterrupted from more than halfway around the globe, from the Andes Mountains in South America, across the great and perilous Great Southern Ocean and West to Tasmania. This uninterrupted passage results in the best and purest rainwater in the world. As the sun shines and evaporation ensues, storm clouds form above the Great Southern Ocean, far from land.

Having the cleanest air in the world results in the cleanest water in the world.

The rainfall is coaxed from the clouds by the crags of mountains called The Great Western Tiers, which includes Cradle Mountain. The purest of rain falls on the ancient mountain range and becomes true wilderness water, re-emerging eventually in a natural spring at the foot of the Tiers.

At TPV™, our mission is to utilize nature's purest water in a blend that creates Tasmanian Pure Vodka™ — vodka in its purest form